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Big Beetle Tee


It's finally here!

Personally designed by Spike's owner, this all-over print tee is made to mimic Spike's scrawling marks on canvas. The beetle design on the chest gives you a Spike of your very own! The bottom back corner shows Spike's "signature" (a bit more legible than usual).

This tee features an all-over print, which means the design covers the front, back, and sleeves.

Shirts are printed on a polyester blend to allow for sublimation printing, so please be aware that the white is not as opaque as a 100% cotton shirt. For sizing and neckline/length, please refer to the model photos (not the mock-up photos) and size chart. These shirts run 1-2 sizes smaller than usual USA sized shirts.

For a hand (mouth?) written "thank-you" from Spike, add "Spike's Autograph" to your order!
One autograph available per shirt.


Orders ship from the USA every Saturday/Sunday.